Winnipeg Jets Cumulative Trades Score 2011-2016

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Player Trading is a useful way for NHL Teams to supplement and refresh their roster. It becomes possible to get rid of players that need a change and giving a fresh start to the players you get or build for the future. The Winnipeg Jets are known to be a team that makes very few trades. Since they arrived in Winnipeg, GM Cheveldayoff has made only 19 trades over five years.

But how has the Winnipeg Jets fared with these trades? Are they winning or losing? This article attempts to answer that question.

I have created a table that tracks each trade conducted by the Jets that compares traded players according to a very simple, transparent statistic called ProGames (ProGms).

ProGames counts the number of NHL and AHL games that a traded player accumulates for their new team. NHL games played count as 1.0 ProGms while AHL games played count as 0.5 ProGms, and these are accumulated across both Regular Season and Playoff Games. So a traded player who plays 20 NHL and 10 AHL games for his new team will accumulate 25 ProGms for his team.

So why just games played instead of points or other stats? Because not all players are scorers, get the ice time to accumulate points, and this places the value of a player in the eye of the team that traded for him. The reason why I am including AHL games in ProGms is for two reasons: 1) most trades involve non-NHL, depth players or draft picks; 2) AHL roster depth is a sign of organizational strength.

Below is the Jets Cumulative Trades from June 2011 to May 6, 2016. Based on ProGms the Winnipeg Jets are actually winning the Trade game! Its important to note that this will be updated as the players get traded away and develop. Some of these trades will take years to play themselves out.


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